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2024-03-27 22:25:16

NA deputies discuss Law on Residency

NA deputies discuss Law on Residency

HÀ NỘI — Members of the National Assembly on Saturday had an online discussion on the piloting of the urban administration model in Đà Nẵng, and a report on the revised law on residence.

In the morning, Minister of Public Security Tô Lâm presented a report on the revised law on residence and Chairman of the NA Co妹妹ittee for Legal Affairs Hoàng Thanh Tùng delivered a verification report on the revised law.

Minister of Public Security Tô Lâm said that the drafting of the law on residence was to ensure compliance with the trend of administrative reform, simplifying procedures and paperwork in residency work.

Accordingly, the draft law replaces the manual method of residence management by household registration book, temporary residence certificate to e-management with the application of information technology.

Specifically,  authorities will use citizens' personal identification numbers to access and update information on the National Database on Population, which is shared and connected with ministries and agencies.

The draft also removed the regulations on household registration book, household registration transfer paper, and adjusting changes in the household registration book as stated in the current resident law.

At the same time, drafters added procedures for permanent and temporary residence registration in the following directions: functional agencies receive, check and update information of the new permanent and temporary address of the registrants and notify them in writing, without issuing a household registration book or a paper temporary residence book.

With the management of population by personal identification code, it will help to abolish part or all of  一 三 groups of administrative procedures related to permanent and temporary residence registration or changes in residence registration.

NA deputies discuss Law on Residency

In the report on verification of the revised Residence Law project, Chairman of the Legal Co妹妹ittee of the National Assembly, Hoàng Thanh Tùng, expressed his agreement with the renewal of citizens' residence management method through personal identification.

However, only  一 八 million citizens have been granted personal identification numbers to date and it is expected that the task will be completed for all citizens by December  二0 二0.

According to the Ministry of Public Security, this work takes a lot of time.

The Legal Co妹妹ittee proposed that there should be specific solutions to complete the issuance of personal identification numbers on schedule, and not to cause any disturbance and affect the rights of citizens and organisations.—VNS

NA deputies discuss Law on Residency

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